Dormant FBI Archives Twitter Account Revived Two Days Ago: Pro Trump, Anti Clinton

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By Louise Mensch | 2:25 pm, November 1, 2016

The verified FBI archives account on Twitter has been dormant for over a year. Two days ago, it started tweeting again with a partisan release praising Fred C. Trump as a “philanthropist”. Trump was the father of Donald Trump, and was a highly controversial figure particularly over race issues. Today, the FBI archives released negative material on the Bill Clinton Foundation.


A Hillary supporter on Twitter, Dustin Giebel, whom I have interviewed, pointing out the shocking fact that the FBI Archives account had been completely dormant since 2015 before the oleaginous tweet about Fred Trump.

Giebel’s summation is correct. This tweet on Fred Trump was published Oct 30:

was immediately preceded by this tweet – posted over a year ago in August, 2015.

Meanwhile, an anti-Clinton tweet appeared on the feed today:

The evidence of partisan hackery here comes as there is huge skepticism over unnamed FBI sources who spun to the New York Times that Donald Trump was not linked to Russia (it should be noted that the agency itself has said no such thing, and have briefed Harry Reid on an active investigation).

The Justice Department appeared to confirm that it had opened an investigation into Director Comey for violating the Hatch Act. Senator Grassley (R)  of the Judiciary Committee sharply rebuked Comey for his partisan intervention.

It seems inexplicable that a verified but dormant FBI archives account should start up just before the election with praise of Fred Trump and an attack on Hillary Clinton.