5 Real Ways Donald Trump Could Win

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By Andrew Stiles | 6:01 pm, November 4, 2016
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Election Day is right around the corner, and most people expect that Hillary Clinton will win and become the 45th president of the United States.

What then? America won’t be great again, and we’ll all have to wait until she is inevitably indicted and/or impeached and/or incapacitated due to health reasons to restore the glory of the USA.

What about Donald Trump? Could he pull off an upset victory and defy the lamestream media’s propaganda?


Here are five ways Trump could win on November 8:

1. Turnout

Republicans voters would need to get over themselves and support their party’s nominee. Democratic voters, on the other hand, might not vote because they think Hillary Clinton’s election is all but assured. If more people vote for Donald Trump than for Hillary, Trump will probably win.

2. Polling error

According to data nerds, there’s a chance that all the polling data projecting a Hillary Clinton win on Election Day is off by several points. This could mean that Hillary will end up winning in a blowout, but it could also mean that Donald Trump will pull off the upset.

3. Refuse to concede

The lamestream media will probably try to “call” the election for Hillary Clinton if she’s leading in the vote count, but Trump shouldn’t play into their hands. There is an abundance of non-polling evidence to suggest that more Americans want Donald Trump to president. Declaring victory is the first step to achieving victory.

4. Obama’s scheme to rig the election backfires

Many analysts have concluded that President Obama won a second term by rigging the 2012 election with Hurricane Sandy. Four years later, evidence suggests, Obama ordered the military to engineer a hurricane targeting Donald Trump’s elegant compound, Mar-A-Lago. We also have reason to believe that Obama engineered a “rain surge” to disrupt Game 7 of the World Series and ensure a victory for his hometown Chicago Cubs.

But even the best laid plans to rig elections often go awry. What if the traumatic weather events veers off course, and end up suppressing the vote in pro-Hillary enclaves of the country? Trump could walk into the White House.

5. Bribe Hillary to drop out 

Hillary Clinton and her nominal husband, Bill, are obsessed with money. Trump has more of it than they do. You do the math.