Donald Trump Takes Time Out from Election to Make Washington DC Great Again

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By Tom Teodorczuk | 1:08 pm, October 26, 2016

Donald Trump has answered critics who claim he is not fit to take charge of the nation’s capital when he opened his latest venture, Trump International Hotel Washington D.C., today.

Supplying further evidence of how his unconventional campaign is stunning the elites, Trump put his political future on hold just two weeks before the election to take care of business like the true entrepreneur that he is.

Trump mentioned the hotel in two separate Presidential debates with Hillary Clinton, so with today’s opening, his supporters will be feeling reassured that he is delivering on his campaign pledges.

Trump’s inner circle had its priorities in order by focusing on the hotel opening so close to the election. Dan Scavino, Trump’s social media supremo, was armed with his Periscope while other family members were on hand to mark the occasion:

It was great to see Ivanka Trump, whose social media output has inexplicably been light of mentions of her father in the last month, hopping back on board the Trump train:

But Donald’s youngest daughter, Tiffany, was curiously absent from the festivities.

Intriguingly, the unveiling was a “corporate ceremony,” not an official campaign event nor a press conference — but it was listed on the Trump-Pence election website, and Trump wound up delivering a campaign-style speech:

Now though Trump International Hotel Washington D.C. is open for business. What could go wrong?