Trump: Somali Refugee Suspected in Ohio State Stabbing Rampage ‘Should Not Have Been in Our Country’

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By Andrew Stiles | 7:33 am, November 30, 2016

Abdul Razak Ali Artan — the 18-year-old Somali refugee who plowed his car into a crowd of students at Ohio State University and attempted to go on a stabbing rampage before being shot dead on Tuesday — “should not have been in our country,” President-elect Donald Trump said on Twitter.

Trump also referenced the Islamic State terror group, which hailed Artan as a “soldier” and “brother” following the attack that injured 11 people. Artan had become a legal permanent resident of the United States after arriving in the country as a refugee from war-torn Somalia, and was enrolled as a student at Ohio State. Media outlets and investigators are still trying to determine a motive for the attack.

During the presidential campaign, Trump criticized the Obama administration for its policy of admitting a modest number of refugees from countries afflicted by terrorism, such as Syria. The president-elect also proposed a ban on Muslim immigrants to the United States until government officials “can figure out what is going on.” His proposals were widely criticized by Democrats and even some Republicans.

Trump did not take credit for “being right” in response to the Ohio State attack, but he has done so in the past. For example, in response to the Orlando nightclub shooting on June 12, in which 50 people were killed and dozens more wounded, Trump said on Twitter that he appreciated “the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism.”

In recent days, Trump has made a habit of tweeting controversial statements in the early morning hours. On Tuesday, the president-elect announced on Twitter that burning the American flag should be a crime punishable by jail time or even loss of citizenship. Flag burning has been a protected form of “symbolic speech” since a Supreme Court ruling in 1989.