Donald Trump Rakes in $10 Million at Re-Election Campaign Fundraiser

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:00 pm, June 29, 2017
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The Internet was hopping mad at President Donald Trump on Thursday, after he Tweeted an attack on MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski that included a jab at Mika over an alleged recent facelift. The scathing social media missive left Republicans scrambling for distance from the White House.

But on Wednesday night, Republicans, including some big name GOP donors, couldn’t get enough of the President. They were piling on the accolades—and the cash—at Trump’s first re-election fundraiser, held (where else) at the Trump International hotel just blocks from the White House.

The event, which cost a whopping $35,000 per plate, raised nearly $10 million for Trump’s 2020 campaign, though some of that cash will be handed over to the RNC and Trump-approved 2018 candidates for use in the mid-term elections.

Ten million in one night is no small feat. In the six months that Trump has been president, the Make America Great Again Committee, an extension of his 2016 campaign handling his 2020 fundraising, has raised a healthy $30 million—mostly in small donations and MAGA hat sales. In one night, Trump made a third of that, from just 300 supporters.

NBC News called the fundraiser “unusually lucrative.”

Attendees included both hardline Trump fans and some of his more recent detractors. Casino mogul Steve Wynn, Trump’s primary fundraiser since 2015, headlined the dinner. But even Sen. Dean Heller —a recent target of a White House-aligned SuperPAC over his concerns about the Republican healthcare bill— joined the party.

In his remarks to the crowd, Trump stuck with his greatest hits, attacking the media and trumpeting the four special election wins Republicans have pulled out since Trump took office.

He also, reportedly, wasn’t shy about complimenting his DC hotel, a venue he selected, no doubt, to troll left-leaning activists pursuing litigation against him over his financial interests, which include his hotel chain.

While it’s typical for Presidents to host fundraisers during their tenure —Obama headlined more than 400 fundraisers in eight years—most Presidents wait at least a full year before campaigning on their own successes. Of course, that’s not really Donald Trump’s style, and although his poll numbers are rather bleak, it’s clear the Party, in DC at least, is fully invested.

Now if they could just get him to drop Twitter.