Donald Trump Jr. Is Morphing Into His Father on Twitter

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By Emily Zanotti | 3:16 pm, June 8, 2017

Comey watch party-goers should have demanded the bars give a round of free drinks with every Donald Trump, Junior tweet—they’d all have been wasted in the first hour.

Instead of President Trump doing his usual rapid response on Twitter, his eldest son took the initiative, and he was pretty darn good at mimicking his dad’s signature social media style.

The clearly furious younger Trump tweeted at a breakneck pace, even as his father remained completely—and uncharacteristically—silent.

The Twitter apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Note the use of multiple Tweets to convey a single idea—and the (dare we say) liberal use of the exclamation point. He also made frequent use of emojis:

And even, at one point, referenced a couple of “losers.”

He stayed away from Trump’s other trademark phrases, but there’s always room to grow.

The Tweetstorm, though, does represent a period of growth for Donald, Jr., who seems to have been working on his Twitter game for a while. Before his father took office, Trump Jr. was mostly on the charm offensive on social media, tweeting out news from the Presidential campaign and pictures of his adorable, tow-headed children.

These last few months, though, the younger Donald has become more aggressive, slowly adopting his father’s signature punctuation style in tweets. He sometimes tweets a 100 times a day now.

He’ll even occasionally throw in a “Sad!” when things get really dire, like on May 12. He gives it his own spin, though, incorporating it into the tweet itself, rather than as a pejorative attached to the end.