Donald Trump has Inspired a Run on Underground Doomsday Shelters

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By Emily Zanotti | 3:13 pm, March 27, 2017

Companies who manufacturer underground bunkers and fallout shelters, designed to withstand apocalyptic conditions, say they’re experiencing record sales as people on both sides of the political aisle prepare for the worst possible outcome of Doanld Trump’s presidency.

We already knew that so-called “prepper supply” companies were experiencing greater than usual sales volumes, with people concerned about Trump’s foreign policy pushing them to stock up on cases of bottled water and beef jerky.

And just last month, left-leaning prepper sites began popping up online, with instructions on how to hoard food, encrypt your communications, select weapons, and go “off the grid,” for progressives who hadn’t considered stockpiling before. The New Yorker even did a piece on how the rich and famous are getting into top physical condition and stocking up on top-of-the-line survivalist gear.

But now, things have truly gotten dire. The Rising S Company in Texas says that orders for their sturdy underground living spaces, meant to withstand civil unrest, natural disasters and even a nuclear attack have more than doubled in Trump’s first few months in office.

A Texas businessman whose trade is in survival says the Trump administration has been a boon to his bottom line. Clyde Scott of Rising S Company in Texas says orders for survival shelters have doubled amid political uncertainty.

“During the Obama administration our sales went up 250 percent. In the Trump administration in the past month our sales probably went up 500 percent,” the firm’s president, Clyde Scott, told NBC News.

The tiny bunkers—each measuring around 8×12 feet—aren’t cheap. For $45,000 a family can have an underground safe room, complete with blast valves, climate control and running water, space for two years of food, and a working toilet, sink and shower.

That’s bottom of the line, though. Scott can custom-design “luxury” doomsday shelters that run into the millions of dollars, for people who don’t want to give up the finer things in life just because zombies are running wild above ground, or aliens have taken over the US government.

Norad Shelter Systems LLC, another major American doomsday shelter manufacturer, says its seen the same increase. Customers, Norad says, say they don’t trust the Trump administration to handle foreign policy effectively, and they’re anticipating a breakdown of communication that could lead to a major attack on American soil.

Its not clear, just yet, whether Trump’s economic policies will be creating jobs for all Americans, but thanks to Trump anxiety, at least, a few Americans will be doing really well for the forseeable future.