One-on-Three: Donald Trump Debates Martha Raddatz and Anderson Cooper (And Hillary Clinton)

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By Heat Street Staff | 10:24 pm, October 9, 2016
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Twitter noticed tonight when moderator Martha Raddatz jumped into the debate — ditching her role as moderator to argue with Donald Trump on the substance of a question about Syria.

Trump also said during the debate that he felt like it was “one-on-three.”


Raddatz interrupted Trump a number of times to challenge his response to a question or two tell him to “get back” to the original question, something she rarely, if ever, did when Hillary Clinton was speaking.

Critics on Twitter pointed out that, at times, Raddatz seemed like she was participating in the debate, a similar charge that was leveled against NBC’s Lester Holt after the first presidential debate in late September.

BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith noted that Raddatz’s “contempt” was Trump was fairly obvious during the debate.

Left-wing wunderkind and celebrity nerd Ezra Klein praised Raddatz for being more knowledgeable than Trump and for interrupting him during his answers.

Mashable, a sponsored content blog for millennials, suggested that Raddatz was doing more than just participating in the debate.

So, who do you think won the debate?