Donald Trump Will Make Your Christmas Tree Great Again With This $149 Hat Ornament

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By Andrew Stiles | 11:45 am, November 23, 2016

Donald Trump wants to make your Christmas tree great again by selling you “your very own Make America Great Again Red Cap Collectible Ornament” for the bargain price of just $149.

Trump’s presidential campaign, which is still active because it needs to, among other things, pay the alleged billionaire back for all the money he “donated” (loaned) to his campaign since announcing his candidacy in 2015.

‘Get in the Christmas spirit with your very own Make America Great Again Red Cap Collectible Ornament,” reads the listing on the Trump campaign shop website. “Made of brass and finished in 14 karat gold, this ornament is sure to make any tree stand out.”

Big league.


And check out the classy case that comes with it.


The Trump campaign announced the new offering in an email to supporters, and could be interpreted as the launch of the president-elect’s first offensive in the War for Christmas.

“President-elect Trump loves Christmas and makes a point of proudly saying ‘Merry Christmas’ every chance he gets,” the email announcement reads. “This collectable ornament commemorates Trump’s commitment to the Christmas spirit and will be a great addition to your family’s tree this year.”

The elegant red cap collectible ornament is already receiving praise from members of the biased media, so you know it’s a brilliant move by the campaign.

Now that Donald Trump is the president-elect, America is basically great again. But you should probably buy the ornament anyway, just to make sure.