‘Does Anybody at This School Speak English?’: ‘White Anchor’ Tomi Lahren’s Long-Lost College Tweets

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By Emily Zanotti | 5:38 pm, January 10, 2017

The Internet’s obsession with Blaze host Tomi Lahren took a weird turn Tuesday when Twitter users dredged up the conservative commentator’s college missives from the social-media platform’s archives.

Like many millennials, Tomi’s first introduction to the medium of Twitter came during her undergrad years at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, where she generally did what most college students do—party, complain about classes and hone her skills at op-ed writing.

Most of the Tweets are innocuous: complaints about being single on Valentine’s Day, promises to paint the town red, Taylor Swift lyrics—the same things you might even find on Paul Krugman’s Twitter if you went back far enough.

But it’s this Tweet that Tomi’s liberal opponents seem to think is a “smoking gun,” demonstrating that the Glenn Beck-groomed news anchor is a contrived personality who doesn’t believe what she preaches.

Apparently, the Tweet proves that her claims of hating handouts is a false one. Unfortunately for her critics, the Tweet was from July of 2013, and attitudes are apt to change, even over four-year terms. And millennials, who grew up with Twitter during their formative years, are far more likely to have mixed records than, say, someone who joined as an adult, or for professional reasons.

More importantly, these crack Twitter investigators say it appears that Tomi is cleaning up her Twitter archives, perhaps in preparation for a new job. Some of the tweets above have been scrubbed; only a few, including the “Does anybody at this school speak English?” tweet remain.

The most obvious career move for Tomi, they claim, would be into the Trump Administration, but based on the President-elect’s own track record, Twitter archives probably aren’t at the top of the transition team’s priority concerns.