Did Trump Supporters Tank Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen’s Budweiser Ad Campaign?

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:17 pm, November 2, 2016

This week, Budweiser announced that it would be bringing a premature end to Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen’s “Bud Lite Party” campaign, after the ads appeared to have triggered a third-quarter drop in beer sales.

Are Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen so unfunny that their mere presence can make beer-obsessed Americans actually buy less of their favorite product?

Here’s another theory: Trump supporters tanked Bud Light’s “unifying” campaign—where Amy and Seth try to heal a divided country through light beer—after the comedic pair publicly maligned the Republican candidate.

Schumer was nearly booed offstage and saw several hundred members of her audience walk out after she launched into an anti-Trump diatribe in Florida just weeks ago. Though they were only a fraction of the thousands of people at her event, she felt the need to follow up on the event with an “open letter” to Trump supporters that excoriated them for their racist and sexist behavior. Rogen famously called Trump a “shit pile,” in a spat late last year, and has taken the Republican nominee to task routinely on Twitter. Rogen also attacked Trump surrogate Ben Carson.

The two aren’t exactly good spokespeople for a “nonpartisan” beer-united country. And it’s unlikely their extracurricular activities went unnoticed by Trump’s legions of social media fans.

Schumer and Rogen’s failures came to a head with a Bud Lite party spot that featured an “equal pay” argument, which spawned so many complaints that Budweiser had to shut down commentary on the ad’s YouTube page.

Americans made their thoughts known in the market immediately.

Bud’s third-quarter profits reportedly sparked the change in ad campaigns, as Americans turned away from the “America” brand. “Despite continued positive signs in brand health evolution, driven by millennials and Hispanics, it was the softest performance of Bud Light for the year from a volume and share perspective,” Bud’s senior director of marketing told AdWeek.

Budweiser was going strong with Trump fans before the Bud Lite Party ads. A Reddit thread seems to show Budweiser—now renamed “America“—as a top choice of Trump’s supporters, who bought the brand while “feeling patriotic.” Bud is likely hoping to win back their love, now that two major Trump opponents are out of the picture.