Dick Goes After Weiner: Sen. Blumenthal Calls Huma Abedin a Crook

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By Joe Simonson | 11:05 am, May 4, 2017
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Following FBI Director James Comey’s testimony to the Senate, Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal appeared on Morning Joe Thursday to give his reaction.

Cohost Willie Geist began the interview by asking the Democratic Senator if he thought Huma Abedin broke the law when she routinely forwarded e-mails containing classified information to her husband Anthony Weiner.

James Comey

“If there was classified information that was improperly passed to a person unauthorized to receive it. Yes it’s a crime,” Blumenthal said. “Without knowing what the intentions were and so forth, there is potentially a prosecutable crime.”

Blumenthal quickly moderated his comments after Geist asked him if Comey hadn’t confirmed that Abedin did indeed improperly pass along classified information.

“There was nothing new to come from this additional trove of emails,” said Blumenthal.

Host Joe Scarborough then interjected and asked Blumenthal if she should be prosecuted.

“It still may be potentially. It’s not outside the statute of limitations. Who will decide it? That’s why we need a special prosecutor to review all of this investigative material.” the lawmaker replied.

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