Democrats Slowly Realizing Nobody Likes Them

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By Joe Simonson | 2:05 pm, June 21, 2017

Despite the fact that Democrats are in the worst position at the federal and state level than either major political party since 1919, it took John Ossoff’s loss in Georgia’s special election Tuesday night for them to fully realize how much the American people don’t like them.

Representative Tim Ryan, a Democratic congressman from Ohio who has been an outspoken critic of his party’s messaging and platform, perfectly summed up Americans’ feelings towards Democrats.

“Our brand is worse than Trump,” he told the New York Times.

Whether it’s cultural arrogance, uninspirational policies or lousy candidates, Americans have been choosing Republicans to represent their districts over Democrats—despite the fact that members of the GOP are routinely mocked and laughed at in the mainstream media and on late-night television programs.

John Ossoff.

In other words, if all you did was listen to professional commentators, you’d think that the Republican Party was an alien life form planning some horrible invasion or attack.  Turns out, they’ve been here the whole time—and they might just outnumber Earthlings.

Of course, no one better personifies all the qualities Americans hate about Democrats than one of the party’s own leaders: House Minority Leader and Wicked Witch of the West Coast Nancy Pelosi.  Turns out, all Republicans had to do in Georgia was tell voters that, “Yeah sure, Trump can be a clown sometimes, but do you really want to let her run things again,” to enjoy a comfortable win.

Despite the party giving her a position of immense influence for over 15 years, it took Ossoff’s loss for prominent Democrats to finally start speaking out against their inept leadership.

As Lachlan McIntosh, a Democratic strategist, told The Times: Democrats “can’t ignore how very unpopular their leadership is with many voters. It’s not fair or justified, but it’s real.”  Well, we’ll disagree on whether it’s fair or justified (believe me, it is), but at least some people within the party are starting to wake up.

Others, like South Carolina Democratic House candidate Joe Cunningham, took to Twitter on Wednesday to publicly promise a break from current leadership if he gets elected.

Kicking Pelosi out is only part of the equation.  Actually running on popular policies is the big secret no one at Democrat HQ seems to get.  Oh well, their loss.

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