Democrats Troll James Comey with ‘Joke’ Resolution Condemning ABC Drama ‘Designated Survivor’

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By Andrew Stiles | 5:49 pm, February 15, 2017

Democrats still haven’t gotten over their righteous outrage at FBI Director James Comey, blamed by many for deliberating intervening in the 2016 presidential election to ensure that Donald Trump won.

When the Democratic National Committee convenes in Atlanta later this month, party members will consider a “joke” resolution mocking Comey and condemning the ABC television drama, “Designated Survivor.”

The Wall Street Journal‘s Reid Epstein reported via Twitter on Wednesday that the DNC, which was the victim of Russian hacking that Comey’s FBI investigated, will consider a “Resolution to admonish the ABC TV show ‘Designated Survivor’ and to defend FBI Director James Comey.”

The word “defend” is being used sarcastically in this case, because the resolution goes on to accuse Comey of engaging in “illegal partisan actions.”

The resolution pretends to take issue with the show’s portrayal of a “fictional FBI director being blackmailed into confessing to a crime he did not commit.” This is unacceptable, the resolution states, because the portrayal “could result in the undressing of faith in the FBI.”

The situation is not believable, the resolution states, because the real FBI director, Comey, “demonstrated in the recent 2016 election that he does not need to be blackmailed to engage in illegal partisan actions.”

Democrats are still angry┬áthat Comey decided to publicly inform Congress that the FBI had uncovered some of Hillary Clinton’s emails while examining electronic equipment used by notorious pervert Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin. Weiner could face child porn charges as a result of the investigation.

Some social media users have dismissed the resolution as a dumb joke, while others have questioned the Democratic Party’s priorities following an embarrassing electoral defeat.