NOT THE ONION: Dems Aim to Reconnect with Working-Class Voters by Tweeting Beyonce GIFs

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By Andrew Stiles | 12:48 pm, November 29, 2016

Several days after Hillary Clinton shocked the nation by losing the presidential election to Donald Trump, The Onion ran a pitch-perfect headline mocking the Democratic Party’s unsuccessful efforts to connect with working-class Americans.

Ten days later, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi posted a tweet that might as well have appeared in that same Onion piece, featuring a Beyonce GIF and the hashtag #StandWithNancy.

Pelosi, who will turn 77 in March and has served in Congress since 1987, is trying to convince House Democrats she is the right choice to lead the party into the future. She is being challenged for the minority leader position by Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio, who has argued that Pelosi is ill-suited to win over new voters outside of liberal enclaves like New York and San Francisco.

“We’ve got to have someone who cannot just go on MSNBC, but go on Fox and Fox Business and CNBC, and go into union halls and fish fries and churches all over the country and start a brush fire about what a new Democratic Party looks like,” Ryan said on Fox News Sunday.

Ryan, 43, has also accused Pelosi of trying to “consolidate her power” within Democratic caucus by opposing reforms to the party apparatus, a claim she dismissed as “pathetic.” Pelosi snapped back at Ryan in a recent interview with the Huffington Post, noting that the Ohio congressman “didn’t even carry his district for Hillary Clinton.”

Pelosi is widely expected to retain her position as minority leader, which would mean the Congressional leadership of the Democratic Party will soon consist of a 76-year-old from San Francisco (Pelosi) and a 66-year-old from New York (Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer).