Democrats Are So Out of Touch That They Just Appointed a ‘Chairwoman of Heartland Engagement’

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By Joe Simonson | 1:31 pm, June 27, 2017

After slowly realizing that nobody likes them, Democrats have opted to hire a woman devoted solely to training their candidates to not come off as totally arrogant douchebags.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has appointed Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos as its chairwoman of heartland engagement.  The third-term congresswoman will be in charge of helping Democrats tailor their messaging to rural areas.  She currently represents Illinois’ 17th district.

“Cheri is a key member of our leadership team, and her efforts to help recruit and mentor candidates and carry our economic message is critical to our strategy this cycle,” said New Mexico Rep. and DCCC chairman Ben Ray Luján.

While there’s no doubt that Democrats certainly need a strategy to win back rural, and mostly white voters, Bustos’ congressional district is 73% urban.  President Donald Trump who won the district in 2016 was the first Republican to do so in at least 16 years.

Bustos said Democrats need to win rural districts in 2018 if they wish to take back the House, where they must pick up a total of 24 seats. “The heartland is critical to winning back the majority, and we must do a better job listening to the hardworking families from small towns and rural communities if we hope to earn their support,” Bustos said in a statement.

“As Democrats, we believe in making sure everyone has a chance to find a good-paying job, raise a family and live the American dream—regardless of where they call home. As the Chair of Heartland Engagement, I’m looking forward to helping lead our efforts to build a lasting partnership with the hardworking men and women of America’s heartland,” she added.

Since Hillary Clinton’s loss to President Trump last November, Democrats have struggled to shed the image that they are disconnected from everyday Americans. According to an April Gallup poll, 67 percent of Americans said the Democratic Party was “out of touch with the concerns of most people,” nine points higher than President Trump.

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