Deleted Article About a Norwegian Pedophile Ring Ignites Conspiracy Theories

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By William Hicks | 1:15 pm, December 12, 2016
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This weekend internet conspiracy theorists and Pizzagaters blew up over revelations that an AP wire article about a Norwegian pedophile ring was deleted off the websites of The New York Times, Washington Post, and ABC News. 

Some on Reddit and 4chan speculated that this was part of a coverup by liberal media outlets to limit exposure to the story titled “Norwegian police arrest 20 men in pedophile network probe.” Especially as the AP says they stand by the reporting of the original article.

Inquistr even published an opinion piece going so far as drawing links between the deletion and Times CEO Mark Thompson’s involvement in the BBC’s coverup of Jimmy Savile’s own child sex crimes. 4chan/pol/ even found a way to connect the story loosely to the Clinton Foundation. 

Well, what was ramping up to be an incredibly juicy, Pizzagate 2.0 conspiracy clusterf—k actually has a very boring, technical explanation.

According to the senior editor of standards at The New York Times, some AP wire stories are only live on their site for 24 hours. They basically have a running feed of AP stories on the site that editors rarely pay attention to and are cycled out without being archived.

When an AP article on The Times has “aponline” in the URL(like it does in the Norway piece), it is not archived on their websites.

ABC News and The Washington Post have not returned a request for comment by publication time, but they most likely have similar unsexy answers to the deletion.

Sorry conspiracy theorists, but you’ll have to look for globalist pedophile cover ups elsewhere.

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