Deadbeats: Wisconsin City Says Trump and Clinton Skipped Out on Campaign Bills

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By Emily Zanotti | 4:27 pm, January 13, 2017

The election is finally over, but apparently there’s still some settling up to do.

The city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, says Donald Trump owes it $47,000 and local law enforcement would like the President-elect to please pay up.

Before Trump had even secured the Republican Presidential nomination, he passed through Eau Claire on a campaign stop, and the crowds were so massive, Eau Claire police department had to take on extra expenses to handle security. The total bill was around $47,000 for additional resources and hours.

The city says they sent the Trump Presidential campaign a letter in September, asking them to please help them recoup their losses, but they got no answer, which is why they’re now telling media the incoming President is in their debt.

We called Trump’s team for comment but hasn’t yet heard back on whether they intend to fulfill their monetary obligations or risk losing the Wisconsin town in the mid-terms.

Fortunately for Trump, he’s not the only Eau Claire deadbeat. Hillary Clinton made a stop in Eau Claire the same weekend, but her rally was much smaller, and her former campaign only owes around $4,000.  Like Trump, though, Clinton has yet to pay up. Perhaps that’s why she never went back to Wisconsin for the rest of the general election.