David Brock’s ‘Anti-Breitbart’ News Site is Off to a Rough Start

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By Emily Zanotti | 2:09 pm, February 7, 2017

Abandoned by Democrats and forgotten by Hillary Clinton, David Brock has been searching for an outlet for his genius. He thought he’d stumbled on the perfect solution with his idea to create the “Breitbart of the Left,” but so far, it seems, Brock is failing miserably.

Brock announced plans to raise and spend millions to create an anti-Trump “war room,” last month—an arm of his opposition research organization, American Bridge. The site would be able to correct President Donald Trump’s falsehoods “in real time,” using an extensive archive and vast resources available within the Democratic Party.

The operation, code-named “True Blue Media” would also employ an “army of investigative reporters” to dog Republican legislators with all the anger and fury of the right-wing website on which it’s modeled.

But Brock has already, less than a few weeks into the project, hit the skids. his investigative journalist (and presumptive True Blue Media CEO), David Sirota, has dropped off the team, largely, it seems, because he couldn’t get paid.

In a statement emailed to media, Sirota said that, despite his excitement about the project, the “circumstances of the job subsequently changed.”

“True Blue Media does not right now have in hand the resources for the kind of independent, nonpartisan journalism I want to continue to do and that is needed to execute on the ambitious editorial strategy that we agreed on,” Sirota said.

Sirota was part of what Buzzfeed calls the “Bernie Sanders wing of the party,”—an unabashedly progressive journalist who was also activist for the far-left. For True Blue Media, Sirota was a big get—a sign that the remnants of the Hillary Clinton campaign (Brock) would be welcome to join forces with the party’s liberal activists agains the Trump Administration.

But despite groveling apologies and high-profile conferences, Brock isn’t the darling of the Democrats any longer, and while big-money Dem donors are looking for that savior to help unite the party’s warring factions, they aren’t turning to Hillary Clinton’s former attack dog.

“People won’t come to the Democratic Party unless we show an alternative; it’s not just about the dark art of attacking and destroying Donald Trump,” one progressive strategist told The Hill. “David Brock is the worst possible messenger for Democrats. He should not be given a single dollar more.”

It seems, based on Sirota’s departure, that Democratic donors might have finally gotten the message.