CREEPY JOE STRIKES AGAIN: Former Vice President Biden Kisses Woman Without Consent

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By Joe Simonson | 3:35 pm, June 16, 2017
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Former Vice President Joe Biden’s history of lecherous behavior has been seared into the American consciousness.  Despite cries from the American public to cease this predatory behavior, Uncle Joe the Pervert continues his reign of terror even out of office.

The latest attack came Wednesday when a young African American woman posted an Instagram video from her college graduation.

papajoe 😻#morganstatealum '17

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The video starts out innocently enough—with the young woman and the former vice president smiling.  Suddenly, Biden embraces her cheek without asking for written (never mind spoken) consent.  After the woman realizes what’s happening, she immediately lets out an incoherent scream before pulling away in terror.

Biden was the commencement speaker at Morgan State University—a location that, of course, provides ample opportunities to prey on unsuspecting women.

Brave journalists have noted Biden’s history of unwanted touching.  In August, Creepy Joe engaged in an uncomfortably long hug with Hillary Clinton on a Pennsylvania tarmac.

Other incidents have been uploaded below.  Warning, the video might be hard for those who hold respect for the office of the vice presidency:

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