Courtney Love Calls Linda Sarsour ‘Vile Disgrace to Women’

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By Ian Miles Cheong | 4:56 pm, June 8, 2017
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This week, Muslim-American activist and Women’s March speaker Linda Sarsour raised over $110,000 in donations for a Somali-American woman who claims to be the victim of a violent hate crime. But other individuals involved in the altercation dispute Sarsour’s storyline. Courtney Love Cobain, for one, condemned Sarsour for creating a publicity stunt.

Infamous for her pro-Sharia and anti-Israel views, Sarsour has recently come under fire for refusing to acknowledge the unquestionably vile statements she made about women’s rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Linda Sarsour with Bernie Sanders

In the latest controversy, according to Sarsour, 40-year-old single mother Rahma Warsame was “brutally beaten by a white man as she came to the defense of another sister.” Sarsour described the injuries alongside pictures of Warsame’s bruised nose and lip. Sarsour claims that Warsame needs money to provide for her 12-year-old son.

The Council on American Islamic Relations has called for a hate crime probe and the arrest of the person responsible for the alleged attack. The organization’s attorneys, who represent Warsame, repeated her claims that a white man made racist statements about how “you all will be shipped back to Africa” prior to beating her. The alleged attacker was interviewed by police and released without charge.

The two individuals accused of the hate crime tell a much different story. Speaking to the Daily Caller, Samantha Morales says that what happened is the exact opposite of what CAIR and Sarsour are claiming.

Morales, a 31-year-old woman of Mexican heritage, says that she was involved in a neighborhood dispute and was first attacked by a mob of men and women—a group that included Warsame.

“What happened is not what she is claiming. The woman that is in the hospital, I feel sorry for her, but she is one of the women who was kicking and hitting me after I got tased,” said Morales, who added that her boyfriend Ricky Boyce is the man CAIR and Sarsour are accusing of committing a hate crime.

Both Morales and Boyce say they were not racist towards Warsame during the altercation, which started when Morales tried to stop a woman of African heritage from yelling and hitting her son with a shoe. Morales says she called 911 before the argument turned violent.

Boyce says Morales was jumped for attempting to intervene in the situation, and that when he got into the melee he had no time to talk to any of Morales’ alleged assailants, which included “four or five different men” and a group of women.

Morales, who claims to be the real victim of the altercation, was also brought to a hospital emergency room by ambulance. The Daily Caller received a copy of her emergency room discharge papers showing that she underwent a CT Scan and X-rays for her injuries.

The publication also states that the police report taken of the incident supports Morales’ and Boyce’s claims. The report states that a person named Muna Warsame was armed with a taser, which came to be used on Morales. However, due to “conflicting statements” the police were unable to identify the primary aggressor. The report also notes that Morales called 911 a day after the brawl after she was threatened outside her apartment.

Courtney Love

When Sarsour launched her crowdfund for Warsame, Courtney Love Cobain spoke out on Twitter to condemn her for creating a fake situation.

“You’re a vile disgrace to women and all mankind, @lsarsour,” wrote Cobain, “I’m on the side of all human equality rights, spreading knowledge and encouraging peace and understanding. I feel you have the opposite agenda.”

Declaring Sarsour’s crowdfund to be a publicity stunt, Cobain added, “I worked my ass off my entire life to defend women, I didn’t create fake stories and lie about them nor rip people off financially.”

Cobain had equally harsh words for the Women’s March. “Unfollowed. I won’t follow anything that’s being led by an anti-Semitic terrorist that’s using feminism as a tool to promote her radicalism,” she said.

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.