Congressman’s Missing Son Found Safe After Two Days

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By Jillian Kay Melchior | 2:42 pm, November 18, 2016

The youngest son of one of the longest-serving members of Congress, missing since Tuesday, was found safe in the wee hours of the morning in his off-campus apartment — but the details about his disappearance remain murky.

Rep. John Conyer’s son, 21-year-old Carl Conyers, demonstrated some odd behavior just before he went missing. He told his roommates he’d had a “crazy day” when they saw him cooking in the kitchen with his shirt covering his face; later, they discovered he’d shaved off a beard he’d been growing for more than a year.

Carl missed a meeting with his girlfriend Wednesday morning at the University of Houston, where he is studying marketing. When she went to his apartment, she found his wallet, mobile phone, laptop and his car — but no Carl.

On Thursday morning, Carl’s girlfriend received messages from his Twitter account, which is private. Carl told her he was OK and asked her to have everyone meet him at the student center on campus.

Carl’s girlfriend and several friends went straight there, but Carl never showed up. When they returned to the apartment, they discovered that the missing student’s debit card, ID, and some clothing were now also gone.

Rep. Conyers told the Detroit News he was “very worried” about Carl, describing him as “a very stable young guy.” Monica Conyers flew to Houston on Thursday afternoon to look for her missing son.

The Houston Police Department, the Secret Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation all participated in the search for the congressman’s son.

The Houston Police Department reported this morning that Carl Conyers was found, and that police were asking him questions about where he’d been. A spokesman for Rep. Conyers said that Carl was “safe and uninjured.”

A junior at the University of Houston, Carl is president of the Black Business Student Association and a founder of Uncommon Colors, a multicultural student organization for artists and musicians, the Washington Post reports.