Comeygate: Spectacular Rebuke For FBI Head From Republican Chair of Judiciary Committee

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By Louise Mensch | 5:06 pm, October 31, 2016
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The FBI investigation – or not – into Hillary Clinton’s emails is full of more twists and turns than a Six Flags rollercoaster.

In the latest nightmare on Halloween for Director Comey, the Republican chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Chuck Grassley, wrote to him in reply to his letter telling him that his partial disclosure, so close to the election, was unfair to Hillary Clinton and the American people.

Grassley took plenty of shots at the Justice Department and demanded vast amounts of new information.

The letter will shock and dismay the Donald Trump camp, as the FBI probe seems to be more about James Comey than Hillary Clinton. If Clinton can boast the backing of the GOP Judiciary chair for her request that all the new emails be disclosed, she will have gone a long way to countering any possible damage.

Grassley’s letter can be read in full, here. In part it reads:


You clearly faced a difficult decision about whether, what, and how much to disclose about this new information. Any choice could be seen as affecting the election. Some critics of your decision to update your testimony to Congress are inexplicably calling on you with their next breath to release even more information. While I disagree with those who suggest you should have kept the FBI’s discovery secret until after the election, I agree that your disclosure did not go far enough.

Unfortunately, your letter failed to give Congress and the American people enough context to evaluate the significance or full meaning of this development. Without additional context, your disclosure is not fair to Congress, the American people, or Secretary Clinton.

The factual context is important. In addition, it is critical for the public to know whether the FBI has requested from the Justice Department vital investigative tools such as grand jury subpoenas and search warrants and whether it has been denied access to them. In the absence of additional, authoritative information from the FBI in the wake of your vague disclosure, Congress and the American people are left to sift through anonymous leaks from Justice Department officials to the press of varying levels of detail, reliability, and consistency. The American people deserve better than that.

Grassley demands a complete accounting:

 1. Has anyone at the FBI had the ability to read any of the content of the newly discovered emails? If not, then how do you know that they appear to be pertinent to the FBI’s inquiry?

The letter is reprinted below in full:


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