Clinton-Supporting ‘Pantsuit Nation’ Facebook Group Gets Lucrative Book Deal

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By Emily Zanotti | 6:55 pm, December 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s voters have spent a great deal of time over the last few weeks whining, complaining and, generally, being insufferable, despondent burdens on the social media population. And thanks to Flatiron Publishing, it now seems that they’ll be able to make a career out of their woeful Facebook banter.

“Pantsuit Nation,” a Facebook “community” of women who came together in support of Hillary Clinton, inked a book deal this week and will publish a compendium of their musings, due out in stores just in time for Mother’s Day.

The book, according to theĀ New York Times, will “maintain the serendipitous feel” of scrolling through the group’s Facebook page, and the page’s administrator, Libby Chamberlain, says she’ll “curate” the content from what’s already in the group, rather than provide anything new. (Perhaps she’s not aware that all of the “content” is available without having to purchase a hardcover?)

Chamberlain said her goal in starting the group was to “reclaim the pantsuit” from what she seems to believe is an Internet full of raging sexists who simply didn’t like Hillary Clinton because she was a woman.

The group gained 2.5 million members in just a few short weeks before the election, as women gleefully shared photos of their children, penned letters to the “First Female President,” and compiled articles about women’s achievements from glossy checkout aisle magazines.

By November 8, the group had turned into a form of Internet group therapy, where disappointed Hillary supporters went to vent their aggravation and share pics of their be-pantsuit-ed heroine, who is now roaming the wilds of upstate New York.

Occasionally, the group is also peppered with a feel-good social justice story, like the tale of a woman who cut two rear-window stick figure stickers in half, so that her “non-gender-normative” child was not bound (and probably triggered) by Wal-Mart’s hetero-normative sticker selection.

Chamberlain announced to the group that the book would be a “book by you,” but was not clear whether her Facebook compatriots would share in the book’s proceeds. She did say that the group’s mission is to “change the course of the country’s history…through stories,” so they’ll just have to settle for that.