Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta Refuses to Say If Election Was ‘Free and Fair’

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By Andrew Stiles | 3:41 pm, December 18, 2016

Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta on Sunday refused to say whether the U.S. presidential election was a “free and fair” contest.

Asked by Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s Meet the Press, if he believed “this was a free and fair election,” Podesta deflected by complaining about Russia.

“Well, look, I think the Russians clearly intervened in the election, and I think that now we know that the CIA, the director of national intelligence, the FBI, all agree on that the Russians intervened to help Trump,” Podesta said.

Podesta, whose emails were hacked, likely by the Russian government, and published online by WikiLeaks, noted that Hillary Clinton won almost 3 million more votes than Donald Trump nationwide, and said Trump was merely “claiming the electoral college victory.” (In U.S. presidential election, the electoral college victory is the only victory that actually matters.)

Todd followed up after Podesta “didn’t answer the question,” and pressed again on whether the Democratic operative thought the election was “free and fair.” Podesta deflected again.

“Well, I think it was distorted by the Russian intervention, let’s put it that way,” he said. “A foreign adversary directly intervened into our democratic institution, and tried to tilt the election to Donald Trump.”