Clinton Henchman David Brock Apologizes for Slamming Bernie Sanders, Declares Allegiance to Him

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By Emily Zanotti | 2:36 pm, January 12, 2017

One of the most notable figures in Hillary Clinton’s circle, strategist and media mogul David Brock, says he’s sorry for his vicious attacks against Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Presidential campaign, and claims that he’s pledged his allegiance to the Vermont senator’s progressive vision.

Brock, who ran both of Clinton’s campaign SuperPACs, founded left-leaning media bias tracker Media Matters, and created the Democrats’ opposition research arm, American Bridge, penned a poetic, emotional open letter to Sanders and his supporters on, begging for their forgiveness.

“At times during the Democratic primary, I was criticized for being too aggressive in my support for Secretary Clinton—and rightly so,” Brock wrote. “Looking back, I recognize that there were a few moments when my drive to put Hillary in the White House led me to take too stiff a jab. I own up to that, I regret it, and I apologize to you and your supporters for it.”

“I’m with you in the fight ahead,” the longtime liberal leader added.

To say Brock “jabbed” at Sanders is an understatement. Brock famously said, during the primaries, that “it seems black lives don’t matter much to Bernie Sanders,” and compared the senator to the UK’s hapless liberal leader Jeremy Corbyn. There was no love lost from Sanders, either, who called Brock the “scum of the Earth.”

Sanders was notably skeptical of Brock’s sudden willingness to make amends and questioned Brock’s motives, which the Medium post does not make clear.

Brock says that his almost Shakespearean change of heart should not be taken as evidence that he’s turning on his long-time boss, but that he’s willing to be part of the Democratic Party’s future, even if it doesn’t involve Hillary Clinton.

“I didn’t view the Clintons as a ‘good investment,'” Brock told the Washington Post in a follow-up interview. “I sincerely believed that Hillary would have been one of the great presidents…My sincere words to Sen. Sanders are about an issue between us; they are not at Hillary’s expense.”

Of course, Clinton has, notably, mentioned that her career in politics is over—and Brock is lacking in future prospects, having handed most of his major projects over to others, and his dreams of a senior White House position now shattered.

This is the second time that Brock has experienced such a remarkable epiphany. In the 1990s, Brock was the lead attack dog against the Clintons, penning scathing indictments of Bill and his then prospective First Lady for the American Spectator. His “Arksansas Project” unearthed material eventually used in Bill’s impeachment trial. He then switched teams, and penned a bestselling book about his “conversion.”

Now, it seems, he’s converted yet again.