‘Manservant’ Chris Christie Now Fetching Donald Trump’s McDonald’s Orders Like a Good Boy

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By Andrew Stiles | 10:06 am, June 13, 2016

An article in the latest issue of the New Yorker about the Republican Party’s increasing unease with Donald Trump’s candidacy includes an amusing detail about the role of Trump surrogate Chris Christie.

Governor Chris Christie, of New Jersey, another of Trump’s opponents early in the campaign, has transformed himself into a sort of manservant, who is constantly with Trump at events. (One Republican told me that a friend of his on the Trump campaign used Snapchat to send him a video of Christie fetching Trump’s McDonald’s order.)

First of all, Donald Trump eats a lot of McDonald’s for someone who, according to a note from his doctor, would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

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Secondly, if true, this anecdote suggests that the debasement of Chris Christie is advancing at a rapid clip. Trump has openly mocked Christie at his rallies, and was caught on tape ordering the New Jersey governor to “get on the plane and go home.”