Chelsea Clinton Mocked For Attempting an Anti-Trump Joke

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By Emily Zanotti | 5:49 pm, March 26, 2017

Chelsea Clinton is still trying to master this whole “Internet” thing, as part of her effort to appear more “normal” and “relatable” to mainstream Americans who aren’t super sure they want the Clinton dynasty to continue.

She’s your Clinton, America. She knows you! And she makes jokes! Like this one about Abraham Lincoln.

The Internet was, of course, quick to point out that no, Abraham Lincoln did not wear a “Make America Great Again” hat when he signed the Emancipation Declaration, and that such a beloved historical figure would have to time travel in order to bedeck himself with Trumpian attire.

But, it turns out, Chelsea Clinton isn’t unfamiliar with President Lincoln’s tenure in office, just unsophisticated when it comes to constructing jokes.

Teeeeechnnnicalllly, her comment about Lincoln wasn’t sarcastic, per se. It’s what comedians might call a sight gag. Or what normal people might just call a “joke.”

But it’s very important that you understand that — as she rebuilds her post 2016 image — Chelsea Clinton is trolling other users on Twitter. Because she’s cool like that.

Unfortunately for Chelsea, the Internet immediately – and expertly – trolled back.