Celebrities Are Terrified of Being ‘Twittered’ by Trump

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By Andrew Stiles | 1:18 pm, December 27, 2016

Celebrities across the country are afraid of falling victim to President-elect Donald Trump’s “ruthless” Twitter activity, according to Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh.

“The president is ruthless on Twitter,” Walsh warned in an interview with TMZ. “Everybody’s afraid to get Twittered, you know? Stocks go up and down, that’s why. Everybody’s scared.”

Walsh was referring to the several occasions when a company’s stock price has plunged after Trump attacked the company on Twitter. Defense contractors Boeing and Lockheed Martin, for example, have been on the receiving end of Trump’s “Twittering.”

Walsh suggested that artists and other celebrities should steer clear of politics for the time being. “There’s a lot of fear out there, isn’t there?” he told TMZ. “That’s the problem with America. I think artists should stay out of politics right now, wait and see what happens, then write songs.”

Most Americans would probably agree.