Cast, Crew From Every Iteration of Star Trek Mobilize on Facebook Against Donald Trump

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By Emily Zanotti | 5:13 pm, September 30, 2016

If Donald Trump becomes President, Starfleet Command, the Enterprise‘s five-year mission, will never become a reality, according to the cast of the latest Star Trek reboot and other Star Trek alumni.

“Trek Against Trump” launched Thursday evening on Facebook, with a several-hundred-word post denigrating the Republican Presidential nominee and encouraging Star Trek fans to vote for Hillary Clinton rather than a third party “protest” candidate.


Star Trek is, of course, well known for presenting a positive view of the future, where shared success, scientific discovery, peace and exploration are the norm—a vision the future the Star Trek alums feel isn’t in line with Trump’s authoritarian vision.

“Either Secretary Clinton or Mr. Trump will occupy the White House. One is an amateur with a contemptuous ignorance of national laws and international realities, while the other has devoted her life to public service, and has deep and valuable experience with the proven ability to work with Congress to pass desperately needed legislation,” the group wrote.

In true Trek form, the team calls a third party vote “illogical.” Against true Trek form, the call for tolerance and inclusion is, well, a little intolerant. But Star Trek and its creators have rarely shied away from openly challenging the status quo.

And the letter isn’t directed at Republicans waffling on the edge of libertarianism—it’s squarely aimed at left-leaning independents and progressives who might sit out the election, wishing on a star that Bernie Sanders had pulled it out.

Any real analysis of the 2016 election from a Star Trek perspective, after all, wouldn’t fail to mention that Donald Trump looks suspiciously like a Ferengi.

The celebrity-driven effort has signers from all iterations of Trek, including the most recent reboot’s J.J. Abrams, John Cho, Simon Pegg, Zoe Saldana, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, Next Generation‘s Wil Wheaton and LeVar Burton, Enterprise‘s Scott Bakula, and Original Series‘s Walter Koenig and George Takei. Relatives of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry have also signed the letter.