Trump’s Enemies: Cancel Presidents Day ‘For the Next Four Years’!

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By Tom Teodorczuk | 10:57 am, February 20, 2017
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Some liberals out there never got the memo, or are instead choosing to ignore, that Presidents Day was never designed as an occasion for people to unload their opinions about the present President.

It’s a holiday celebrated on the third Monday in February dating back from 1885 to honor George Washington’s birthday and supplies an opportunity to celebrate Presidents throughout history.

While there’s an argument that ongoing protests should voluntarily be suspended in respect of Presidents Day, you can understand why the anti-Trump demonstrators would redouble their efforts today.

Thirteen thousand Facebook users are saying they’ll attend a protest near New York’s Central Park while there are also “Not my Presidents Day” rallies planned in Los Angeles and Chicago.

And now that Donald Trump is President, some liberals are going even further and want the whole thing called off.

“America need to cancel Presidents’ Day for the next four years. There is NOTHING to celebrate”, said KP.  Others merely want a suspension: “We should cancel Presidents’ Day for the next 4 years,” fumed Dimitri Zavala.

The holiday protests also include ‘We as a country have sullied Presidents Day’;  nix it- ‘no way does he deserve it’;  artists are bringing 17ft mobile billboards to rallies. Others are trying to make You’re Fired- Trump’s catchphrase from The  Apprentice- trend.  On no account can the 45th President be allowed to enjoy his day.

 In other words, while most of us have the day off, liberals are treating Presidents Day as just another day with a ”Y”  in it…