British Chancellor Branded Sexist After Telling Female MP Not to Be ‘Hysterical’

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By Emma Lake | 10:02 am, March 1, 2017

Chancellor Philip Hammond has been accused of sexism after telling a female MP “don’t be hysterical” in the House of Commons.

Hammond shot the jibe at MP Mary Creagh after she asked for reassurances for UK businesses to stop them moving to Ireland because of Brexit.

The Chancellor retorted: “I would urge her not to be hysterical about these things; many companies are making contingency plans, including setting up and incorporating subsidiaries.”

Creagh accused the chancellor of using “sexist language” to “diminish women who make a perfectly reasonable point”.

The chancellor attempted to back pedal saying he “did not accuse the honourable lady of being hysterical, but I urged her not to be hysterical”.

Hammond later added: “If my comments have caused the honorable lady any offense I withdraw them unreservedly”.

Former PM David Cameron was accused of sexism after he told a female MP to “calm down dear” during a Commons exchange.

The former MP used the phrase, made famous by Michael Winner, during a row about NHS reforms.

The remark was made to former Labour leadership hopeful Angela Eagle, who said it would not have been said by a “modern man”.

This article was originally published in the Sun.