Britain is Setting Up ‘Jihadi Jails’ To Crack Down on Radicalization in Prisons

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 5:31 am, July 6, 2017
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Britain is set to move its most dangerous Islamic extremists into special “jihadi jails” within prisons to crack down on radicalization behind bars.

The decision to create separate jails for jihadists, away from mainstream prisons, is fueled by the endemic radicalization occurring among the prison population.

In the first wave, about 28 Muslim radicals will be jailed in “separation centers” to prevent them from radicalizing other non-Jihadi criminals.

It’s expected that Michael Adebolajo, who murdered soldier Lee Rigby in a London street in 2013, and extremist hate preacher Anjem Choudary will be among the first ones to be placed in the special jails, MailOnline reported.

Adebolajo has been reportedly been “brainwashing” his fellow inmates in prison and spending “most of his waking hours preaching his distorted form of Islam to anyone who will listen”, according to the website.

The government is planning at least three special prisons for inmates who are suspected of planning terrorism or pose a risk to national security. The prisons will be able to house about 28 such inmates, a figure that falls short of the 186 prisoners currently serving time for terrorist or extremist offenses.

Recently, the British government took action to tackle radicalization in prisons. More than 4,500 front line prison officers received counter-extremism training to be able to identify and stop the spread of radical ideologies.

“Extremism must be defeated wherever it is found. The most dangerous and subversive offenders are now being separated from those they seek to influence and convert, an absolutely crucial element of our wider strategy to tackle extremism in prisons and ensure the safety of the wider public,” said prisons minister Sam Gyimah.