Bernie Sanders to Join Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Shadow Cabinet’ Effort

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By Emily Zanotti | 4:37 pm, September 26, 2016

Elizabeth Warren has been busy behind the scenes of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, collecting a “vetted” list of potential candidates for presidential appointments, in the hopes that Clinton will give progressives significant sway over her hiring decisions.

Warren has been working alongside labor unions and left-leaning special interest groups, including the George Soros-backed Center for American Progress. But this weekend, Warren picked up a very important ally in her fight to lurch Clinton’s possible administration to the left: Bernie Sanders.

Sanders told Face the Nation on Sunday that he’s already involved with Warren’s program, specifically to keep “Wall Street” from having influence on the next President.

“Absolutely, we certainly have seen under Democratic and Republican administrations what Wall Street CEOs have done to our economy. We don’t need more Wall Street CEOs in any administration,” Sanders told host John Dickerson. “We need people in the administration who will stand with working families and the middle class. And I will do everything that I can to see that those are the people appointed in a Clinton administration.”

Sanders has been on a campaign to prevent his former supporters from switching to a third party, either Libertarian Gary Johnson or the Green Party’s Dr. Jill Stein, rather than voting for Hillary Clinton. In the same interview yesterday, he pleaded with former Berniacs to keep their eyes on the White House.

Jumping on board with Warren is a great way to reassure progressive voters, of course, that a Clinton Administration wouldn’t be a total loss for the far left. Hillary Clinton may be in the Oval Office, but Warren and Sanders want to be the ones pulling her strings.

Bernie’s team, of course, isn’t as optimistic about the prospect of a Clinton Presidency, even one full of Bernie supporters. Their finance directors, among other key members of the Sanders operation, aren’t jumping on board Clinton’s campaign. They’ll be headed to New York City to help lay the groundwork for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s re-election.