Ben Swann, CBS Anchor Who Defended Pizzagate, Deletes Entire Social Media Presence

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By William Hicks | 4:58 pm, February 3, 2017
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He’s back.

News anchor Ben Swann severely piqued the mainstream media when he dredged up the cooling Pizzagate conspiracy by airing a sympathetic report on an Atlanta CBS affiliate. 

He appears to have been benched by his employer, the Meredith Corp-owned CBS46, after his controversial report. But after a brief hiatus, Swann returned to his co-anchor spot Monday and deleted all his social media accounts on Wednesday.

The formerly outspoken Swann gave up a lot. He had a sizable following on multiple platforms, with 75,000 Twitter followers and 427,000 likes on his Facebook page. He also deleted his website and cancelled his upcoming independent investigative project in which he planned to look into the US government’s connection with the creation of ISIS.

It is unclear whether or not Swann will continue his recurring “Reality Check” segments which covered controversial topics, including Pizzagate, and often took a conspiratorial angle.

According to the blog AJC, it seems Swann’s station may have made him delete his social media accounts as a prerequisite for returning to his anchor job.

Swann alerted his fans on social media that he would be deleting his social media on February 1st, but told his fans to “trust me”

On his Facebook he wrote: “Hey guys, everyone is asking if things are OK. They are. I will be heading back to CBS46 on Monday but there are going to be some changes. The biggest one will be that this social page will go dark f/n on Tzuday [sic], Feb 1. We’ve been building this project for 6 years and those who have come to know me.. I hope you have also come to trust me.”

But since Swann attracted many conspiracy minded folks into his fan network, many are already creating their own conspiracy theories about his social media absence.

The YouTube channel “Lift the Veil” speculates that there is hidden messages in Swann’s farewell message. In both his Facebook and Twitter messages, Swann said he would be deleting his accounts on “Tzuday,” February 1, but the first was a Wednesday.

Lift the Veil thinks that Tzuday is a reference to Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. The book advices the reader on military tactics and careful planning. So Swann wants his fans to know he has a master plan and social media darkness is just one step towards its fruition.

But some folks on 4chan think Swann may already be dead. 

I guess you’ll just have to tune in to CBS46 to find out!