Ben Carson Becomes Latest Victim of Anti-Conservative Elevator Conspiracy

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By Emily Zanotti | 1:38 pm, April 12, 2017

Wednesday morning, newly minted Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson was visiting a public housing project in Florida with former NBA star Alonso Morning when Carson and his wife became trapped in an elevator.

When the building’s manager and the horde of media following Carson couldn’t figure out how to open the doors, the Fire Department had to be called.

It took 20 minutes to free Dr. Carson from his metal prison in the Courtside Family Apartment complex just outside of Miami.

Reporter Julia Bagg, who was covering Dr. Carson’s tour of Florida housing facilities for NBC was able to capture the dramatic rescue on tape.

Dr. Ben Carson was noticeably relieved to be free.

But his imprisonment makes him not just an immediate media sensation. It makes him the latest victim in a rash of what appear to be anti-conservative elevator trappings, that began late last year with the convenient transportation devices slowly swallowing up a number of high-profile right-wingers.

Sonny Bunch, editor of the Washington Free Beacon, was trapped for some time in a suburban Washington DC Home Depot elevator.

His colleague, journalist Bill McMorris, was also stuck for a while in an elevator around the same time.

Fox News correspondent and former Ted Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter got caught recently in an elevator at Baltimore’s airport.

The good news is, Amtrak eventually did reply to Carpenter’s Tweet…seven months after she was freed.

But not to be outdone by his former associate, Ted Cruz himself was trapped on an elevator back in January and had to be rescued by the fire department. A reporter captured the drama on Snapchat.

Upon being freed, Cruz joked that his then rival for the Republican Presidential nomination, Donald Trump, had cut the cables. “All right, so who put Donald Trump in charge of the elevator?”

Matthew Dowd, one of the lead political analysts for ABC News, was trapped for a while with his four children in an elevator in NYC back in 2015. The FDNY had to come to his rescue with serious weaponry.

The trend actually started way back in 2014, well before the Trump era – and well ahead of Dr. Ben Carson’s dramatic appearance on the political stage – when National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg noticed that a number of elevators were warning him of impending doom.

Its not just elevators, though. Some prominent conservatives have found themselves trapped in by other mechanical devices. Commentary‘s John Podhortz was trapped on a Walt Disney World monorail. The Daily Caller‘s Jim Treacher was trapped on a train in upstate New York.

The elevators’ most prominent victim, perhaps, was the President himself, who got stuck in an elevator in Colorado Springs during a campaign stop at the University of Colorado.

According to emails between the Colorado Springs Fire Department and the university, Trump and his entire team were trapped in a campus elevator before the campaign rally and had to be extracted by firefighters. A member of Trump’s Secret Service security detail, wielding an elevator bypass key, accidentally stopped the car between floors and couldn’t get the elevator to move.

When emergency personnel couldn’t get the elevator to move, they cracked the doors and Donald Trump and his team had to climb out of the elevator shaft.

Trump later, at the rally, used the incident as an example of “why our country doesn’t work.”

Carson is expected to fully recover from his rescue. There is no word from the White House on whether they will actively pursue the situation as evidence of a conspiracy…yet.