Bellwether Dixville Notch, NH, Votes for Hillary Clinton—and Mitt Romney

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By Emily Zanotti | 12:08 pm, November 8, 2016

A tiny town in central New Hampshire, Dixville Notch, is the first place to vote in the United States—and the first to declare its results.

At midnight EST, Dixville Notch’s eight residents cast their vote for President. Hillary Clinton got four votes. Donald Trump got two votes. Gary Johnson got one vote. And Mitt Romney, who hasn’t run for President in four years, got one vote. Statewide, New Hampshire’s early voters actually gave Trump the lead.

Dixville Notch is known as a “bellwether” district by political strategists (along with Hamilton County, Ohio), and has been fairly accurate in predicting the country’s mood in past elections—though not necessarily accurate enough to justify the importance typically placed on its first-in-the-nation poll.

It voted for Barack Obama in 2008, produced a tie in 2012 (only 10 of the 12 residents cast a vote), voted for George W. Bush twice, and Ronald Reagan twice (once when the town had a historical high of 30 residents). It went for Gerald Ford over Jimmy Carter in 1976. This year, they epitomized voters frustration, casting a ballot for a choice they had only in 2012.

They aren’t the only Midnight voters, though, and while Trump may have lost Dixville Notch, he won the state’s Midnight voters overall, 32-25.

Strategists on social media were quick to mock Dixville’s supposed impact on the Presidential election.

Only 500 or so electoral votes to go.