Anti-Trump Protesters Got Free Massages in ‘Empathy Tent’ During Berkeley Protests

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By Emily Zanotti | 2:19 pm, April 28, 2017

Fighting the exercise of free speech can be a tough job, and Berkeley’s “Antifa” protesters aren’t always up to the job. Thankfully, there is a full support system on hand during their landmark protests against one person giving a twenty minute speech about things they don’t agree with, to make being a rampaging lunatic just that much easier.

Yesterday, as a battle raged on outside the University of California Berkeley over Ann Coulter’s cancelled appearance, Antifa protesters on a break from busting up Starbucks and screaming obscenities got free neck massages from Berkeley’s own “Empathy tent”—an outdoor “safe space” on Berkeley’s campus.

Hopefully the tent’s staff were able to alleviate his sore muscles and deep concerns about the Trump administration.

The “Empathy Tent” is, apparently, a staple of Berkeley’s protest scene, and holds regular hours both on UC Berkeley’s campus, in public parks, and in the central square in downtown Berkeley. It bills itself as a “community listening project” and trains students and Berkeley residents to engage in healing conversation and “shared action.”

They also offer “circular facilitation training” and, apparently, neck massages. Sometimes, they have a giant teddy bear, and hand out bags of snacks with “kind notes” in them.

Fortunately for the beleaguered Antifa members, Thursday night’s protest was a short one. After Gavin McInnes read Ann Coulter’s planned speech, there was a short scuffle, but any planned demonstrations of violence were quickly diffused. Police made only five arrests, only one for attempting to incite a riot.

Maybe those neck massages really do work.