UPDATE: President Ash Carter Shows Bold Leadership While Obama Vacations

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By Andrew Stiles | 3:00 pm, May 23, 2016


Secretary of Defense Ash Carter continues to show extraordinary presidential leadership during this lame-duck phase of Barack Obama’s second term in the White House.

Meanwhile, let’s see what Barack Obama has been up to lately…

Original post from April 26, 2016:

Barack Obama remains the nominal president of the United States, but as he enters the final months of his second term, he’s made a concerted effort to enjoy the frivolous perks of high office while he still can—at least until President Hillary Clinton nominates him to the Supreme Court in 2018.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter, meanwhile, has been traveling the world, meeting with foreign leaders, taking on the ISIS threat, and looking very presidential indeed, as Stephen Miller (@redsteeze) has been pointing out on Twitter.

Here’s a look at what the two leaders have been up to over the past few months: