Are the Lewd Allegations Against Trump Just a Prank by 4Chan Trolls?

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By William Hicks | 12:56 pm, January 11, 2017

Allegations of connections between Russia and Donald Trump published by Buzzfeed have gone viral, especially the unsubstantiated calumny about Trump allegedly paying prostitutes to have a “golden shower” party in his posh Moscow hotel room.

But some on the Internet are now saying that this wild story was all started on the Troll site 4chan and sent as a prank to GOP strategist and outspoken Trump-hater Rick Wilson.

On November 1st one 4chan user wrote, “So they took what I told Rick Wilson and added a Russian spy angle to it. They still believe it. Guys, they’re truly fucking desperate – there’s no remaining Trump scandal that’s credible.”

The post was in reference to this Mother Jones article from October alleging a veteran spy had given the FBI info alleging a Russian operation to cultivate Donald Trump as an operative. This article was drawn from the same report as the Buzzfeed article.

“Is it the sextape orgy thing? how can anybody even believe that?” another user replied. 

“Because I told them the source was the GOP coup,” answered the first user. “I never even hinted at where they had gotten from. The Russian spy shit is 100% organic extra layered bullshit they themselves thought up. I still can’t believe how retarded these people are.”

“What did you tell Rick Wilson,” another user asked. 

“I’ll spill the beans if they start covering their tracks or on Nov 7th when I plan to switch my sockpuppet account from pro-Clinton to pro-Trump,” the first user answered. 

The anonymous user has not yet “spilled the beans,” or at least not with the same 4chan user ID.

This thread has thrown into question Buzzfeed’s report and started a fury of speculation regarding the origin of the intelligence information.

The working theory is that an anonymous troll on 4chan/pol/ fed the false information to Rick Wilson. Rick Wilson then gave the info to his close associate, ex-intelligence official Evan McMullin who was also running for president. Now with the credibility of an intelligence official behind it, the information was handed off to Senator John McCain. McCain then gives the bizarre 4chan story to the intelligence agency who add it to their larger report of Trump’s ties to Russia.

Jon McCain admitted today that he gave the FBI the dossier detailing the Russia plot to blackmail Trump with the golden showers story. 

Rick Wilson denies being the source of the Buzzfeed story. He wrote a Medium piece this morning  stating the timeline doesn’t make sense:

If you believe the Russian/4chan spin that this information came from them, you can’t use a calendar, or common sense. This information on Trump’s various personal and business dealings in Russia was being pursued by major campaigns and by major media to my knowledge as early as late July of 2015, and the “Ritz Carlton” information was out the in the summer of 2016.

Wilson also releases any journalist he gave information to on Trump from any protections they may have promised him of anonymity.

While this is a compelling rebuttal the timeline does not necessarily disprove that the pissing story was made up and disseminated by a 4chan user.

Some other journalists have come forward, saying they were approached with the story but did not publish because it was impossible to verify, like HuffPo contributor Julia Ioffe.

Twitter user @trsprudence is claiming he was the one who made up and disseminated the piss story. There is no way to verify any of what he’s saying, but his tweets are making the rounds on Twitter. He has competition from a few posters on 4chan/pol/ who seek credit as well.

People are skeptical, however, that @trsprudence is taking so long to come out with proof, and based on the fact he hasn’t tweeted in 6 hours, he’s probably bullshitting.

Until someone comes forward with verifiable evidence that they fed the golden showers story to journalists, this case will remain open.

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