Anonymous Announces Rally Backing John McAfee as Trump’s Cyber Chief

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By Kyle Foley | 2:20 pm, November 23, 2016

His run for President with the Libertarian Party fell flat,  but John McAfee could still make it to the White House if Anonymous has its way.

In a push for people to “unite regardless of political affiliation for an issue that effects us all,” Anonymous is backing the tech security expert for a position as Donald Trump’s cyber chief. They believe McAfee is the best bet to secure America from hackers, and that his history with web security makes a convincing case.

McAfee founded his company, McAfee Associates, in 1987 and ran it until 1994 before selling the rest of his stake in the company after it went public. His work, however, is not without controversy. In May of this year, he claimed to be able to hack into an iPhone, removing the need for Apple to create a backdoor for the government. He was quickly busted for making it up and admitted it was simply a publicity stunt. He also tried to trick reporters into thinking he had hacked the popular app WhatsApp, but was called out for making that one up too.

On top of some questionable business practices, McAfee also has some history with foreign law enforcement. While living in Belize, McAfee was accused of two murders and rape which led him to flee the country and return to the United States.

But Anonymous believes McAfee, despite some sketchy history, is the best bet to protect America from hackers. They are even planning a rally outside of Trump Tower on December 5. The hacktivist group is not new to rallies, with their Million Mask March drawing thousands worldwide.

Their bottom line on McAfee, according to their campaign website, is that “he has a lot of street cred when it comes to cybersecurity. It doesn’t hurt that he’s 70 but looks 60, is handsome, fit, well spoken, and has a good sense of humor.”

After originally saying he would decline the offer if it was made, McAfee has softened his stance and will consider the option if it is made available.

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