American Rising: 2016 Election Choice Came Down to 2 People Under FBI Investigation

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By Stephen Miller | 3:04 pm, March 20, 2017

There are shining moments in American history that will just never be forgotten. Moments that show the world what an indelible beacon of freedom America is, unlike any other nation ever created on Earth.

The Miracle on Ice for example is one of those moments, or Rocky defeating Ivan Drago. Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, the founding of McDonald’s or OJ Simpson being acquitted.

While testifying Monday to Congressional oversight committee on Russian interference of events surrounding the 2016 election, FBI director James Comey revealed another such great moment that will go down in the annals of America’s immortal and proud history.

As it turns out, Hillary Clinton wasn’t the only candidate under FBI investigation, as Comey stated the Trump campaign’s possible Russian ties were being investigated since July 2016.

Out of 17 candidates on the Republican side for President and the four Democrats (I’m not counting Lincoln Chafee wandering onto a debate stage a couple times between playing slot machines), this great nation settled on two candidates under federal investigation, both having to do with possible espionage.

The caveat being, of course, that one candidate’s investigation seemingly was winding down until Anthony Weiner hulked out into Carlos Danger again in late October. The other looks to just be getting started, with the focus on Trump associate Roger Stone’s possible connections to Guccifer or Morpheus or whatever. Just take the red pill.

So yes, America, take another bow. We showed the world that a great republic can in fact achieve anything it decides to set its collective mind to. As with past great accomplishments like the creation of the automobile, defeating the Nazis or an all-female Ghostbusters cast, America once again proved that we as a Republic will not falter. Not in 2016. Not ever.