Hot Off the Press: Al Franken Compares Trump to O.J. Simpson

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By Heat Street Staff | 11:38 am, May 16, 2017
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Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) has done it again.

The former Saturday Night Live satirist supposedly gave up comedy to be a senator but as a politico he has been supplying moments of unintentional hilarity whether it’s for his unbecoming conduct in the Senate or getting heat for inappropriate Playboy articles.

Now Franken has written a memoir humbly titled Giant of the Senate. It’s out May 30 but Heat Street has read an early copy.

Democrats delight in calling President Trump a baby, an apocalyptic autocrat and megalomaniac (a favorite insult of Franken’s in fact). But in a new twist, Franken has weirdly compared Trump to O.J. Simpson, the disgraced Hall of Fame running back murder suspect who is currently in jail in Nevada for a 2008 conviction of kidnapping, robbery and assault.

He doesn’t appear to be joking.

“He was a sore winner,” Franken writes of Trump after his 2016 election victory. “The president-elect actually insisted that three to five million votes had been fraudulently cast by illegal immigrants, every single one of them for Hillary Clinton.

“It was almost as if the incoming commander-in-chief had some sort of mental health problem. The kind of mental health problem that you would be disturbed to discover in your kid’s piano teacher, let alone the president of the United States of America.

“Later, when Trump demanded an investigation into those three to five million fraudulent votes, it reminded me of O.J. Simpson, who, after being acquitted of murdering his ex-wife and Ron Goldman, vowed to spend the rest of his life “finding the killer or killers.”

Franken adds: “After the public learned that President Trump spent actual time calling the National Park Service to insist they release more flattering photographs of the crowds at his inauguration, it began to dawn on many Americans, including a number of my Republican colleagues, that the new leader of our country was, indeed, unbalanced.”

Trump, he reckons, should have acted more like that great statesman… Al Franken: “Like Trump, I had no previous experience in elected office. Unlike Trump, I was actually bothered by my lack of experience.

“I compensated for this by absorbing as much information in as much detail as I could…you can imagine my frustration when Trump, an entertainer (sort of), quickly showed not only that he had no knowledge about the details of public policy, but that he had no interest in learning the details of public policy.”

Franken can’t wait for the Trump era to be over: “The fact that he is the president, and Republicans control Congress, and that means we’re going to have to watch Donald Trump be the president. Day after day after day. Insulting speeches. Insane tweets. Policies that are both insulting and insane. This is going to suck for a while. But not forever.”