Yes, Women Like Alpha Males – Feminists Should Stop Complaining

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By Louise Mensch | 12:51 pm, December 4, 2016

It’s as old as time – yet still seems to take Generation Snowflake’s feminists by surprise.

Women like alpha males.

Sure, there are exceptions. Gay women, some small proportion of straight women with an unusual fetish for domination, asexual women, and women who have kidded themselves that they like a weakling.

Your mileage may vary – I don’t judge.

But we can generalize. Most women are straight, and most women prefer their men to be strong, intelligent, ambitious, caring, driven and protective.

Men and women are equal. But they are not the same.

And furthermore, one can be a feminist and recognize biology.

If you want to put a political spin on it, call it ‘sex-positive’. Add the word ‘community’.

‘Hetero-normative’ is not, despite what PC world liberals want you to believe, a thing. Because heterosexual is, factually, the norm. What is wrong is demonizing those with a different sexuality. I believe in equal civil marriage – and the rights of religions to define sex outside marriage as a sin. Both are flip sides of the same coin, in fact – liberty under the law.

To me, feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is absolutely not the belief that men and women are the same.

I have been a feminist all my life, and been attracted to alpha males all my life. Arnold Schwarzenegger, as far as I am concerned, represents the greatest piece of eye candy God ever put on this earth.

But that is not simply because of his peerless physique. It is because of his determination, his drive and his unshakable urge to conquest.

There are plenty of bodybuilders. Not all of them are alpha males.

When President-Elect Donald Trump decided to nominate General ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis to be his Secretary of Defense, like many in America, I got a crash course in the ‘Marines’ Marine’ and ‘generals’ general’.

#MattisQuotes trended on Twitter and I found myself swooning over a lot of them. There are many serious, sensible things to say about General Mattis’ loathing of Vladimir Putin, the Russians helping Taliban terrorists and threatening NATO, and his contempt for the Iran deal.

And, as a serious commentator, I made those points first. Right here.

But let’s face it, Mattis knows how to light up enemy positions – and the red-blooded women of the Western Alliance.

After making several jokey comments about the Mattis memes surfacing on Twitter, I decided to come clean about one particularly sizzling line involving women. Here it is:

This went semi-viral within minutes. Why? Because I admitted that lines like this are a turn-on.

Breaking it down, Mattis is joking with his men, being polite to protestors, and then adds ‘wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she’s dating a pussy.’

Feminists went ballistic.

Why? Because they know perfectly well Mattis is right. If you are dating some lanky Occupy type protesting war, and a polite soldier shakes his hand and winks at you, you are going to be breaking out in a fine sweat of desire within seconds. Because that man is brave enough to risk his life for your country, but when your man uses the word “fight” – it’s a metaphor.

Women are biologically programmed to respond to males who can protect them and their putative young. Just as men are biologically programmed to respond to females who seem likely to be good mothers.

Are we all slaves to our biology, no. Is sex more than reproduction, of course. But general norms in human sexuality respond to biological drivers.

I’ve never met General Mattis (and after publishing this piece I’d probably be far too embarrassed to be introduced to him). I was remarking on what a sexy thing to hear his comment was. I’m very happily married to my own alpha male – this was a general note about the now apparently unspeakable confession that most women like dominant males.

So sue us.

Outrage at my comment came from two camps. Annoyed feminists, who think that liking strong men betrays the sisterhood, and beta males who could never stand up to a man like Mattis in a million years. From the former came tweets like this:

and from the latter, comments like this:

Well, yes. Yes, I do want militarized masculinity, and a masculine military. And as for Mattis being ‘outdated’ and ‘out of touch’, yes, please. Other fauxminist chiding included “It says feminist in your bio“, “God, Louise, you must truly hate yourself, you love being demeaned by men? the GOP loves you for propping them up,” “lusting after the wrong bigot,” “a gross,weird thing to find attractive, brawny”  and “is this sarcasm“.

Interestingly though, beta males were a lot angrier even than fauxminists. Mattis and alphas like him threaten them tremendously:

(seriously Alex?)

  • This is so ridiculously gendered and sexist you should be ashamed of yourself
  • war is just so sexy isn’t it? Pathetic.
  • “Real men” don’t support war for the sake of it. I don’t know what those people are. Sociopaths, maybe?
  • so just to be clear, promoting and encouraging war is a good thing?
  • He talks like a movie character and that’s good enough for the dullards praising him.

and many, many more.

But that’s ok. You can’t have leaders without followers, and you can’t have sheep dog without sheep.

But if the rise of Donald Trump taught us one thing, it is that people have had enough of political correctness. There is nothing un-feminist about finding alpha males attractive. And General Mattis is Donald Trump’s most popular pick because he represents strong, upright, courageous defense of the nation. The prudes and the peaceniks are just going to have to get over that.