Wild Boars Go on Rampage in Iraq, Kill Three ISIS Jihadists

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 1:06 pm, April 24, 2017
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Maybe we should just train packs of wild animals to take out ISIS.

On Sunday, wild boars attacked some farmland in northern Iraq and reportedly killed three ISIS jihadists. The wild animals, known to inhabit Kirkuk in the al-Rashad region, went on a rampage and cut down three ISIS militants, a local news site reported.

Details on how exactly the militants died were unclear, but a local source claimed “Islamic State militants took revenge on the pigs that attacked the farmland.”

Since the rise of ISIS in the region, thousands of people have fled Kirkuk to refugee camps in the province and neighboring cities to avoid the group’s rule. Local authorities have called upon the government to liberate ISIS-held areas, but with the Iraqi government’s focus on retaking the group’s biggest stronghold in Iraq, Mosul, Kirkuk remains in ISIS’s hands.

ISIS members in the Kirkuk frequently execute civilians over accusations of supporting the Iraqi security forces or trying to escape the province to refugee camps.