Why ‘Cuck’ Is Actually a Socially Progressive Slur You Should Use More Often

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By William Hicks | 6:22 pm, April 19, 2017

“Cuck,” the slur for weak and unmanly men, has become popular over the past year thanks to the alt right —it even allegedly made its way to the White House as Steve Bannon’s favorite word for girlyboy Jared Kushner. Many in the media consider the term highly offensive in any context.

But people have tried to re-appropriate cuck to turn it into a good thing, from GQ’s The Case for Being a Cuck” to Tim Heideker and Father John Misty’s duet “I Am a Cuck.” The online webcomic Oh Joy Sextoy even made a handy infographic to educate readers on the joys of being a cuck.


Being a cuck, which is short for cuckold, which is short for letting another man fuck your wife, will never be considered a good thing by society. But that doesn’t mean the word doesn’t have great utility for social progress.

Think of it this way. Before the word cuck, heterosexual men had only two options to call another man weak and unmanly without sounding gay. They were “bitch” and “pussy,” but those words are offensive to females.

Cuck is a great slur to emasculate other men without bringing down women. While “pussy” refers to a female sex organ, implying it symbolizes weakness, cuck solely refers to the weakness of the man. A cuck is a man too weak to earn the respect necessary for a monogamous relationship with a strong woman.

You see, cuck is actually about female empowerment.

There is no doubt men need a way to make fun of and denigrate each other’s frailties and shortcomings. There simply must be a slur available to call a man who failed to lift a heavy object or chug a full beer.

As a feminist first and a man second, I refuse to call my friend a pussy, but now I proudly call him a cuck.

Cuck has a long history on the forefront of social progress. The great philosopher and political revolutionary Karl Marx once referred to workers who defended the interests of the bourgeoisie as “a bunch of cucks.”


As time went on, the term cuck has only gotten more popular, and that’s a good thing! The proliferation of cuck will show young women interested in STEM fields there is nothing weak about being a girl (but there is something weak about letting another guy bang your wife).

While I may not be proud to be a cuck, I definitely am proud to use it on a regular basis against my enemies on the Internet!


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