These 6 Kinds of Weed May Actually BOOST Your Productivity

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By Gabriel Bell | 11:09 am, October 11, 2016

Yes, the cliché of the stoner is at odds with the very notion of productivity. Why work when you can just lie there, like, being, right? And, as anyone who’s ever been high will tell you, cares such as your job, cleaning the house, or that DIY project collecting dust in the basement tend to just tend to float away on all that smoke.

But that’s more about how you use pot rather than what pot can actually do to your brain. Believe it or not, there are strains out there than not only boost productivity for most minds, but can lend much-needed focus to people suffering from ADD or ADHD. Even some Olympians stand by it.

Before we get into which types of weed to seek out, it’s important to note that if you’re choosing to smoke a little something in order to give you a creative or productive kick in the ass, getting blitzed behind a cloud of fog is not recommended. You want to get a little high not a lot stoned. Light use is best when you have a task in front of you or want to improve your focus. Heavy toking is for when all you have to work through is your Netflix queue.

Crucially, no one’s recommending you go into the office lit, drive, use heavy or sharp tools, or do anything even mildly risky here. This is all about being able to work by yourself while enjoying a slight high or improving focus in a safe, accepting environment.

Now, even the experts over at Leafly suggest you find out what’s impeding your productivity before you go about choosing a strain. Are you depressed? Here are some great strains for that. Are you stressed out? Try these. If it’s just a lack of energy or focus, keep reading on.

Generally, it’s best to stick to strains low in cannabidiol (CBD) and relatively strong in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which means you’ll want to tend towards sativa and sativa-leaning hybrids as opposed to the sleepier, drowsier indica. Whether you’re buying from a dealer or a legal dispensary, it’s a good rule to stick by and one that even the least educated pot provider will understand.

Below is a roundup of the best, commonly available strains to look for sourced from Leafly and peppered with our own finds.

Green Crack: As the name implies, there’s a huge rush of euphoria and energy that comes with this tart, sweet sativa. And, man, does it come on quick. As with all weed, the effect here is all about minute focus on one thing and, in this case, the possibility of a stressful reaction makes multitasking a little difficult. Still, it’s a shot of espresso.

Sour Diesel: Eminently popular and potentially quite powerful, a little bit of this near ubiquitous sativa goes a long way. Just a few tokes should improve engagement and give you a bright, shiny energy boost. A few more, though, and you’ll quickly get off track. Keep an eye out for other Diesel strains such as Strawberry Diesel.

Jack Herer: Good for treating depression and feeding inspiration, the widely available sativa won’t slow you down or make you feel like your brain’s made of cotton. It also alleviates stress—a huge productivity buster—and has a complex flavor that works well with coffee. Just sayin’. Actually, most strains with “Jack” in the title—Super Jack, Jack the Ripper, Candy Jack, Pineapple Jack, etc.—are work a try.

Blue Dream: A fairly chill hybrid, Blue Dream offers a relaxing and clear-minded high with a bit less of an energy boost—which it makes it perfect for more intellectually taxing pursuits. It’s great for killing self-doubt, which holds a lot of people back, but don’t expect it to get your engine revving. It’s also great for purely recreational use.

Red Haze: Expressly sativa, this is a great walking around strain that has all the zip of a good caffeine buzz. It’s a real find for ADD/ADHD sufferers as it has very little to drag you down and alleviates a lot of stress. You’ll also find that, after it creeps up, you won’t need to go back for seconds. It’s a high that lasts all day. Remember the name, because Lemon Haze, Sour Haze, Buddha Haze, and Very Berry Haze offer much the same.

Lemon OG Haze: Speaking of Hazes, this hybrid is the perfect if fatigue is what’s slowing you down. Very psychoactive but at the same time quite calming, it’s good for powering through dark days or hangovers and is just about popular enough to find at all dispensaries and a good portion of the black market. Warning, it’s high on euphoria, so when you come down you may find that some of your best ideas were a little more fantastical than you may have thought.

If you’re not finding a strain above in your local dispensary or in your dealer’s backpack, check out Leafly for more options or, better yet, ask your friendly local legal budtender.