WATCH: Portland Woman Freaks Out Over Confederate Flag in Store, Gets Called ‘Liberal B*tch’ By Employee

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By William Hicks | 5:42 pm, May 11, 2017
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Everyone involved in this video is just terrible.

A Portland woman walked into a local liquidation store with two toddlers and began filming and going off on the staff about why they had “hate flags” in the store (in fact the store had Confederate flag rugs for sale, hanging on the wall).

One guy in the store who identified himself as Mexican responded saying the flag is not a hate symbol and to “read your history.”

Another man who later identified himself as an employee, flipped off her camera  and said, “Bye bitch. Get your kids out of here.”

“Yeah look at this liberal whiny bitch here,” he continued.  “Hillary supporter? Bernie supporter? Which one did you vote for that lost. Is that why you’re in a bad mood?”

Heather Franklin via Facebook

The situation devolves when the woman, Heather Franklin, 33, leaves the store and goes to her car. The employee followers her out and they have a tense, but stupid standoff in the parking lot.
Franklin keeps asking him to leave so she can get out of the parking lot, but the employee is standing about 50 feet away, not obstructing her exit. The employee makes things worse by yelling at her to get out and taking a steps forward every few seconds.

Franklin eventually breaks down in tears, alleging the employee had “assaulted” her.

According to The Oregonianthe CEO of the store, Everyday Deals Extreme, has discontinued ordering the Confederate rugs and plans to discipline the employees involved in the incident, although he has not decided the correct punishment yet.

An “anti-racism” and “harassment” protest in front of the store was scheduled for Thursday afternoon.