WATCH: California Woman Triggered by Absence of McRibs on McDonald’s Menus

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By Kyle Foley | 5:52 pm, December 5, 2016
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Every year, the popular fast-food chain McDonald’s sells a limited-time only sandwich called the “McRib.” While the McRib has its fans, perhaps none is as die-hard as a woman from California who went before her local city council to ask them to intervene when local McDonald’s chains decided to not sell the the coveted menu item.

She begins her epic plea by informing the city council of the history of the McRib (she’s off by a year on the date the McRib was released, but who’s counting) and goes¬†on to mention how much the barbecue-flavored pork product sandwich¬†means to her family. She shares the story of how her family spends Thanksgiving ordering 50 Chicken McNuggets and 10 McRibs. She mentions how she tried calling McDonald’a about the issue but no one would take her seriously, and Thanksgiving for her family without McRibs is like Christmas without snow (which is ironic, because it doesn’t snow in California).

She is upset because only 55% of McDonald’s franchises nationwide decided to sell the McRib this year, therefore ruining thanksgiving for her family. The one closest to her is running with an All Day Breakfast menu instead, which is “like, a really poor substitute,” according to the video.

Here are her full remarks, enjoy.