Walmart Employee Finds Five-Foot Dead Shark in Shopping Cart, Calls Police

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By Kyle Foley | 3:29 pm, March 9, 2017

When it comes to weird news, Florida never fails. In the latest installment, a Walmart employee found a curious item inside a shopping cart in St. Augustine: a dead shark.

When the assistant manager walked out to collect carts, she noticed one had a 4- to 5-foot shark straddling the cart, its fin hanging over the end. The cart was found right near an RV in the Walmart parking lot.¬†The employee called the police because she didn’t want to just throw the shark out.

Courtesy of The St. Augustine Record


Authorities questioned the owner of the RV, who said he found the shark on the hood of his RV when he got up for work in the morning. He said he had heard sounds outside earlier but just assumed they were from employees collecting carts. He put the shark on the ground when he left for work, but it somehow ended up in the shopping cart afterwards.

Deputies called Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation, which then came and properly disposed of the dead shark. Police said there was a similar incident last week with a shark found nearby, but no police report was filed for that one.